Video stills, Dimention: 1920 × 1080, 4.19 min. 2014


Instalation view, 2014

This video investigates the ideas surrounding ritual and repetition. The work refers to the seeming futility of craft, in an era where technology, speculation, and an information-driven economy predominate.

The film includes metaphorical sequences based on the three phases of the production of Pisco, the traditional alcoholic drink of Peru: harvest, grinding, and distillation. In the process of filming the performed actions, I produced a gallon of Pisco by stamping on 300 kg of grapes in Ica, Peru, my place of birth. The film shows hermetic and surreal elements, emphasizing the traditional methods used in the production of the spirit.


The soundtrack includes extracts from the local radio in Ica recorded during the performance of stamping on the grapes. In addition, the music in the film is a carefully chosen excerpt from a live performance by Tom Richards, who uses re-purposed and outmoded electronic technologies to create abstract sound works, referencing shamanic music, rave culture, and minimalist composition.


The juxtaposition of sound an image creates a dislocating scenario in which physical labor becomes a ritualistic dance. This performance while creating connections also creates breaks in pre-existing narratives.