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Primitive Passions - Crisp Bread is an ongoing project that I started when our bakery opened in 2016.

I am interested in bread because it seems simple at first but the more you look the more complex it becomes: it is a domestic object but also a symbol of power. First of all I use bread because I enjoy making it. I find particularly interesting all the mechanisms that are involved in artisanal making such as: time, precision, order and intuition.

Then the work acquires a new perspective when it’s made to be displayed in a gallery. Bread becomes the agent for questioning the relationship between the object,  the audience and the space it inhabits.


In each project I follow a specific recipe (using local flours and sourdough fermentation) to create a set of crackers, they become sculptural objects for display as well as props for other works such as photographs, videos and performances.   

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