• Marisol Malatesta


BEING PART OF, ArtDate Contemporary 9th edition of the Art Festival organised annually by The Blank.

14, 15, 16 and 17 November 2019

“Many tiny bodies mingle in many ways all through the dark space right in the light of the rays” De rerum natura, Lucrezio II, 114-124

This year's exhibition goes together with the proposal of ArtDate. The incipit has been inspired by Italo Calvino's analysis of the lightness theme, which is one of the six lectures included in Six Memos for the next millenium (1993). Calvino does not intend the lightness as frivolousness, as an escape from the reality, but as a constant relocation of the point of view on things. The writer finds in the scientific approach a key of reading, giving value to the invisible corpuscles, which are the true reality of the visible matter. The dust in the title represents the daily battle of the man against matter, lightness and weight.

Jerome de Vienne presents the video Could you do it again, please?, which is an accurate visitation of the famous extract from the comedian Andy Kaufman's audition for the Saturday Night Live Show. It's funny and sad at the same time, the protagonist repeats the sentence “Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it cause it took so long to bake it”, opening the path to different levels of both semantic and psychological interpretations. It presents a tragic theme with lightness.

Marisol Malatesta's work is highly influenced by the dynamics of the artisan production, the every day gestures associated with ancestral rituals. In the series Primitive Passions the artist offers to the public a sculpture made with filo dough, fragile elements which form a solid structure. It is an edible sculpture that the public can take with them in exchange of answers to specific questions asked by the artist.

Simona da Pozzo's video retraces the stages for the making of the Hallacas recipe. This is a dish made with corn wrapped in plantain leaves. It summarises centuries of cohabitation of cultures in Venezuela from the colonisation onwards. The editing puts back together clips of amateur videos uploaded online by a countless number of people united by the urgency of communication and preservation of how to make a dish that is a symbol of living together, beyond the territorial limits defined by migration.

Eventually we were able to obtain Testimone del tempo (The time witness) a Cesare Calvi's unreleased work. This is a collage made with the pictures of a tree in Castel Cerreto shot in the Nineties. This tree used to be next to the space where this exhibition takes place and now doesn't exist anymore. It was important for us to include this memory in the exhibition that is by now an ephemeral element of what had existed.