• Marisol Malatesta


The event is part of ArtDate, a Festival of Contemporary Art organised annually by The Blank in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo and now in its 10th edition in 2020.

Thursday 12 _ Friday 13 _ Saturday 14 November 8.00-13.00

Saturday 14 exhibition closing with event from 18.00 to 21.00

"Proximity or, in his case, the return to proximity (home, company, garden, intimacy ...) are a path towards presence and meaning."

The theme of this year's exhibition starts from ArtDate's proposal, Il Dono, to explore the idea of ​​proximity proposed by the Catalan philosopher J.M. Esquirol in his essay La Resistenza Intima. The idea of ​​resistance shows the beauty of nearby things, and comfort. This resistance is intimate not because it is private but, on the contrary, because it is close. Hence the title, Prossimo (near), refers to the proximity of the company that brings us together in everyday life. Bread, always at the center of our events, this year appears as a symbol of sharing, now more than ever. In this period of physical confinement we have found ourselves resistant but not isolated.

Resistance is not limited to isolation but it is a form of active defence. It is a recollection that does not oppose the idea of ​​projection; rather it reveals itself as a condition of openness to new possibilities. The resistant knows that no matter what happens, his actions are not sterile. Trust in the idea of ​​fertility despite ignoring how it will germinate. Only he knows that keeping to the margin produces the beginning of a project, maintaining a resistance that turns to the other rather that to itself.

Tom Richards proposes the recording of one of his sound improvisations (Title to be defined), inspired by the touch of the hand on the back of freshly baked bread, a 'natural' control tool for cooking. His experience as a musician, sound artist and researcher led him to create his own musical instruments. With repetitive sounds Tom suggests a shared anguish that can turn out to be an opportunity for liberation. He himself made bread in his London apartment during his forced confinement. The sounds you hear were in fact recorded in those moments of home production.

Ludovico Orombelli's work stems from family contexts, analysed and understood through the use of objects and materials. Ludovico creates a dialogue using objects as a medium and tool to create his paintings that explore the different formal possibilities of constantly changing surfaces. Through a creative process that leads to a reinterpretation of spaces on two-dimensional surfaces, the artist questions the links between images and the environments that surround them. The work thus becomes a device capable of extending and preserving the real space.

Yushimi is a solo artist project by the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lucia Vivanco. Yushimi is a Peruvian musician, composer and violinist living in Rome. His unique style is characterized by subtle lo-fi melodies. Through a series of dialogues with Simone she has created an original piece dedicated to the project that will be launched during the days of the exhibition.

SPAZIO TILDE aims to be a place of cultural exchange through annual events, artist residencies, collaborations with other institutions and realities not necessarily linked to the world of gastronomy. We think it is important to share and discuss the various aspects related to the discourse of bread, whether they are of a health, political, technological, cultural nature. We believe that the alternative diversity brought about by external points of view is an essential critical value for the growth of our project as a whole.