• Marisol Malatesta



Located in Castel Cerreto, a rural area between Milan and Bergamo, lies TILDE an interdisciplinary space that includes bread making, residencies and exhibitions. Together with husband Simone Conti, Marisol Malatesta runs the bakery, using only natural fermentation and local grains.

Throughout my career, I always had a strong interest in craftsmanship. Bread making is a practice that includes artistry along with so many other fundamental subjects I consider important in my work as an artist. Bread is a domestic object and a symbol of power: bread connects with our body and memories and at the same time it associates with our relationship to landscape, culture and economy.

Spazio Tilde, an alternative space adjacent to the bakery, was born from the desire to enhance our bread production on a broader discourse, like health, politics, sustainability, technology, culture, etc. We believe that a diverse range of artistic visions can add an essential critical value to our project. It is a place where ‘bread’ becomes the center of an open discourse.

"The idea is to create an archive of voices, which can reflect upon the rapid changes within the food industry"

We welcome different artists to be part of an exhibition each year. We organise an art residency with Ex-Voto (Simona Da Pozzo) and Visual Container TV (Alessandra Arnó) in Milan. Simultaneously we work with Arts University Bournemouth. Each year we welcome two fine art students to spend two weeks with us. During this residency, they spend a full day in the bakery with us.