M.·.R.·.H.·., 89 x 70 cm, Pencil on marbled paper, 2012

Malatesta’s drawings take their source material from images in the media that follow three main strands; Decision-making, Processions and Burials and often find confluences between there themes. Representing resonant images found under these headings, the pixels of digital media are frequently visible – suggesting they are drawings of the news itself, rather tan drawings of the events that they are documenting.


From these sources Malatesta elaborates fictional and dislocated scenarios. Archaeologists appear to be working in museums, processions Marisol take place against gigantic decorative panels, and board-room meetings take place around abstract forms. With the faces of their protagonists hidden under black cones and triangles, they frequently suggest rituals enacted by cults. Through these scenarios Malatesta’s practice looks at instances of colonial power – European legacies that are often, but not exclusively, related to her homeland in Peru


Kit Hammonds


For the last Landowner, 76 x 56 cm, Pencil on cotton paper, 2012


Tolerancia Nº 18 (Tolerance Nº 18), 76 x 56 cm, Pencil on cotton paper, 2012


Under the Influence, 76 x 56 cm, Pencil on cotton paper, 2012


Mesa Permanente, 140 x 100 cm. Pencil on paper, 2012


The series 'sign of Distress' was selected to be exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Space for 'The Europe Triangle' exhibition in 2012.


The publication 'The Europa Triangle and other stories' is the first book published by 'Publish and be Damned Imprint' [sic] series. Produced in collaboration with the Goethe Institute for the project: 'Europe (to the power of)n', based in conspiracy theories, it draws together disparate social, political, mythic, aesthetic and historical uses of pyramid forms in a morphological derive. The project concluded with the exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 2012.

Artists: Oliver Klimpel, Marisol Malatesta, Nils Norman, Diego Santomé, Slavs & Tatars, Christian Teckert, Lincoln Tobier, Daniel James Wilkinson, Hannes Zebedin.

Curated by Kith Hammonds.